6 Outfits That You Can Wear In Every Event


Choosing the ‘just right’ outfit for an event is something challenging, and I know that because it’s something I can relate to. The struggle of ruining your closet by taking everything out and still not finding anything but a messy room full of clothes. Well, I guess today I am here to help you save that struggle, and your time, and allow you to know and learn about what to wear to what event. From weddings to work events, formal or informal, or Day to Night Outfits, I’ll be covering all for you.

The art of just the right outfit and styling it how it deserves to be to achieve the put-together and slay look, you’ve got to know about that art too. Well, while providing you with outfits for every event, I’ll add a few tips to style too, for you to slay and look all put-together in that event! After going through this blog, I hope you find your desired outfit for that long-awaited event and won’t have to stress over ‘what to wear to this event’. In the future. So, by all your will, delve in and finally find the answer to that question yourself!

6 Stunning For You to Wear In Every Event

Explore some eye-catching and desirable outfits to wear at any event!

Silk Bias Dress – Enza Costa

When it comes to formal events and sophisticated gatherings, nothing can be more suitable than silk to wear. This is why I’m mentioning this ‘Silk Bias Dress’, originally from Enza Costa, to you. It’s fashioned with 100% silk, and features a flowy texture that hangs smoothly to the ankle, allowing the dress to rest through your body in a relaxed way. The V-cut neckline and that side slit make it hard to not include it in the outfits of elegance; adjustable straps are there for your help as well. Wear this one to a Wedding Reception, Art Gallery Exhibition, and Sophisticated Gatherings, etc.


ASOS DESIGN oversized Charcoal Seam Detailed Midi Dress

A flawless day-to-night outfit is exactly how we’ll define it. Its combination of the crew neck, the seam detail, the side split, and the oversized fit all together help make it an eye-catching piece, hard to look away from. Add on your favorite black and white sneakers or boots with a crossbody bag that you love, and statement accessories, and you’re good to go. Brunch, movie night out, weekend hang out, casual dinners, and theatre performances, are some day-to-night events to slay this outfit at.


Emerald Green Tiered Midi Dress-Lulus

Semi-formal to formal events, this one does justice to both. This shimmery dress is made with a sleek-shiny woven satin-like fabric that exudes ‘it girl’ vibes. This imported dress also features a smocked mock neckline shape that adds a hint of fashion and talking about the smocked high waist that keeps going till the midi is just the perfect finish. Also, the back button closure makes it way easier to handle the dress and there are key-hole cutouts too! Additionally tips-low heat iron and wash cold. Well, it’s the time to get your hands on it and slay as a Wedding Guest. Go on a Formal Occasion, or even a semi-formal birthday party! (take the theme into account).


Jaded Rose Geo Maxi Dress

This slim-fit dress is the perfect choice for Special Celebrations, red-carpet events, and New Year’s Party with your girls! With it relying on options like zip-back fastening, it makes the dress way easier to carry. The overall style is for sure giving, with its bandeau neck and all. With all the work on it, you’ll find this dress exceptionally eye-catching. So, get your hands on this gorgeous style, and style it with the best hairstyle, shoes, accessories, etc.


Farm Rio Smocked Cover-Up Midi Dress

Cotton Vacation Midi Dress, perfectly defined. This dress is your go-to choice for an upcoming vacation, Beach Cover-Up, Summer Gatherings, or Resort Wear. This imported dress has a pull-over design that exudes style up to the mark. To add a statement and do justice to the outfit, add beach-suitable accessories- sunglasses hats, bracelets, lockets, etc. and slay your outfit all the way. As for shoes, some modern beach sandals would work effortlessly. Additional tip: make sure to hand wash it.


Astrid Dress

This Bohemian Astrid Dress is here to satisfy all your beach or summer wear needs. With the smocked elastic waist. This dress is all for making a statement and never holding you back from shining through. The back keyhole cutout with button loop closure and pull-on styling also helps you carry the dress according to your liking. Add on the perfect pair of shoes and accessories for a flawless overall look. Additional tip: Hand Wash it.



We conclude our search here. These were some desirable outfits for different statement-making events to help you maintain your PR and look your best out there. From the ‘Silk Bias Dress’ to the ‘Smocked Cover-Up Midi Dress’. We have tried our best to include all outfits that cover different types of events. Make sure to style them according to the occasion with the statement adding accessories for a refined and modern look. For more information please visit this website buscells.com

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